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A B O U T   M E

My personal style can be described as real moments captured in time - the emotion, atmosphere, light, movement, stillness....
Photography is the way I express myself; a way to show the world what is emotional and what has meaning. When I see the person or scene which talks to me, I can’t pass up the opportunity to capture it. I like capturing moments with emotion that would inspire the viewer to feel and react emotionally, almost like ‘private moments in public’ for the public to experience their own private moments.


I’m addicted to be the best I can be – I want to remain true to myself, and not follow trends – I’m my own worst critic. I believe that as a photographer you need passion and that I like my work (I’m not doing it to meet a trend or fashion), the images need to give me a sense of satisfaction. It’s a rush when people can relate to my images and feel an emotion when viewing them.

It’s intuitive, it’s creative, it’s intimate. It’s my passion and part of soul. 

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